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They were great as a company. Joe came over and pointed out the issue within seconds, and fixed it in a timely manner. I did my research and thought I narrowed down the issue, only to find out i was very wrong. (even bought the parts but decided to call them and not do it myself due to time constrains). Great work, great company... highly recommend them.

Live person on the phone on initial phone call. Easily scheduled an appointment for the following day. Joe alerted me that he was on the way to my home during the window of time promised on the booking call. Joe arrived, was knowledgeable and had the part my icemaker needed on the truck. Repair completed within 30 minutes and left a very clean work space. I recommend Appliance Force.

I had a great experience with Appliance Force when it came to my dryer needing repair. Joe our technician was professional and thankfully came with years of experience. Our dryer has been running smoothly ever since his repair visit, saving me money! I will definitely be using Appliance Force in the future, and highly recommend their services!





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Caring for Your Newly Repaired Dryer: Tips for Longevity and Efficiency

May 17, 20233 min read

Congratulations on getting your dryer repaired! We understand the importance of a properly functioning dryer in your daily life, and we're here to help you maintain its performance and extend its lifespan. In this article, we'll provide you with essential tips and recommendations on how to care for your newly repaired dryer, ensuring its longevity, efficiency, and continued reliability.

  1. Read and Follow the Manufacturer's Guidelines: To start off, familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's guidelines and operating instructions specific to your dryer model. These guidelines offer valuable insights into proper usage, maintenance, and recommended cleaning procedures. Following these instructions will help you optimize your dryer's performance and prevent potential issues.

  2. Clean the Lint Trap After Every Load: One of the most crucial steps in maintaining your dryer is cleaning the lint trap after each drying cycle. The lint trap collects lint and debris generated during the drying process. Neglecting to clean it regularly can obstruct airflow, reduce efficiency, and even pose a fire hazard. Simply remove the lint screen, peel off the accumulated lint, and rinse it under running water. Allow it to dry completely before reinserting it into the dryer.

  3. Check and Clean the Ventilation System: Aside from the lint trap, it's essential to regularly inspect and clean your dryer's ventilation system. Over time, lint can accumulate in the vent hose and ducts, restricting airflow and increasing the risk of overheating. Use a dryer vent cleaning kit or consult a professional service to ensure a thorough cleaning. This step is particularly important if your dryer is located in a confined space or has a longer venting system.

  4. Maintain Proper Airflow: Proper airflow is crucial for efficient drying and preventing overheating. Avoid overloading the dryer with excessive amounts of laundry, as this can impede airflow and strain the dryer's components. Ensure that the vent hose is not kinked or obstructed, and keep the area around the dryer free from debris or items that could block airflow. We recommend using a dryer vent lint brush on a regular basis.

  5. Use Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softeners Wisely: While dryer sheets and fabric softeners can add a pleasant fragrance to your laundry, they can also leave residue on the lint trap and obstruct airflow. To mitigate this, consider using alternative methods such as dryer balls or natural fabric softeners. If you choose to use dryer sheets, ensure they are compatible with your dryer and clean the lint trap more frequently.

  6. Regularly Inspect and Maintain Drum and Seals: Inspect the dryer drum and seals periodically for any signs of wear or damage. Wipe the drum with a damp cloth to remove any residue or stains. If you notice cracks or gaps in the seals, have them replaced promptly to prevent air leakage and heat loss.

  7. Schedule Professional Maintenance: To ensure optimal performance and address any potential issues before they become major problems, consider scheduling regular professional maintenance for your dryer. Appliance Force can inspect, clean, and perform preventive maintenance tasks to keep your dryer running smoothly.



Conclusion: By following these recommendations and incorporating them into your regular maintenance routine, you can prolong the life of your newly repaired dryer, maximize its efficiency, and minimize the risk of breakdowns. Remember, a well-maintained dryer not only saves you time and energy but also provides peace of mind. Enjoy the benefits of a reliable and efficient dryer for years to come by giving it the care it deserves.

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